Pancreatic Cancer Prevention Program

What action does PASYKAF-althea take? 

Aiming at raising the awareness of the Medical community about pancreatic cancer, Althea PASYKAF created the Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostic Guide for health professionals of various specialties, Pathologists, General Practitioners and Cardiologists.

PASYKAF’s goal through this Guide is to remind health professionals of the symptoms and risk factors and to highlight guidelines on suspicion of pancreatic cancer, as published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. The action is supported by the Cyprus Society of Pathology and the Cyprus General Medicine Society.

‘Impact Panc’ Distinction

In 2018, PASYKAF-althea was one of the winners of Celgene’s “Impact Panc” Award for their proposal entitled ‘Empowering Caregivers of Pancreatic Cancer Patients for Enhanced Patient Outcomes’.

The proposal calls for the establishment of a management service for the nutrition problems that people with pancreatic cancer face, carer support in practical issues and psychological support at all stages. Through the service, patients will be referred to a nutritionist while their caregivers will be informed in every detail so they can contribute by providing the best possible care. Supportive care for carers is also integrated into the general services including support for human loss. The service was launched in May 2019.

What does PASYKAF-althea offer you?

PASYKAF-althea provides the following services to the public, in organized groups in cities, communities or professional settings free of charge:

  • Information material on the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer
  • Lectures, presentations by Doctors, Psychotherapists and other health professionals
  • Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostic Guide

For information call 77 77 19 86 or email