The Cyprus Cancer Registry, records 3,600 new cancer cases and 1,320 cancer deaths each year.

PASYKAF’ s Prevention programs offer:
– systematic enlightenment and targeted public awareness through programs, campaigns and collaboration with other agencies and government services
– free tests for gynecological and male cancers, laryngeal cancer and colon cancer
– Vaccination against HPV

In the field of pre-symptomatic testing, PASYKAF, with close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, ha been instrumental in promoting the implementation of population programs such as the Colon Cancer Program, the Children’s Vaccination Program against HPV and Quit Smoking Program.

PASYKAF Programs

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Program

In 2010, PASYKAF launched the HPV Universal Eradication Program through which it provides systematic information…


European Code against Cancer

The European Code against Cancer consists of 12 prevention recommendations that have been scientifically proven to reduce the…


Gastrointestinal Cancer Program 

‘Althea’, is the management team of gastrointestinal cancer support group created by PASYKAF in 2016 to counterbalance the growing trend…


Pancreatic Cancer Program 

Aiming at raising the awareness  of the Medical community about pancreatic cancer, ‘Althea’ PASYKAF created the Pancreatic Diagnostic…


 Laryngeal Cancer Program

Aiming to prevent and treat laryngeal cancer that is directly linked to smoking, PASYKAF has joined forces with a support group…


Bladder Cancer Program

Aiming to prevent bladder cancer PASYKAF has joined forces with the Cyprus Urological Association and a team of bladder cancer patients…


Male Cancer Program 

Prevention and early diagnosis of male cancer is one of the main priorities of PASYKAF. To this end, PASYKAF signed a Memorandum of Collaboration…


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Patients Rights

Safeguarding patient rights is a key aspect of PASYKAF’s role which the Association promotes and reinforces.

PASYKAF represents patients at the National Cancer Commission via its Chair, Dr. Anna Achilleoudis, Member of the Commission from 2017 – 2022, through which she actively participates and expresses her views on matters related to the creation of the Action Plan.

The Executive Director of the Association, Mr. Nikolas Filippou, PASYKAF participates with actions in the area of policy-making for health in the Federation of Patient Associations and Friends (OSAK). Mr. Philippou is a member of the Board of Directors of HIO, representing patients from 2017-2022.

Participation in OSAK has enabled PASYKAF to participate in Ad-hoc committees responsible for updating therapeutic protocols for various types of cancers and to approve pharmaceutical products.

What can PASYKAF offer you?

Information material on the rights of cancer patients.

Support, counselling on claiming the rights of cancer patients and people who have experienced cancer.

For more information contact us at 77 77 19 86.