PASYKAF has an active presence in local, European and international organizations, either by participating in the individual actions of these organizations or in meetings of their Boards of Directors on Local, European and international levels.

The main goal is to exchange and share know-how while the focus is on new knowledge acquisition about patients themselves and their families to improve the quality of life for all.

PASYKAF Board of Directors, the Executive Director and executives participate in the following:

National Level:

  • National Committee for the Cyprus Cancer Control Strategy

PASYKAF President, Dr Anna Achilleoudi is appointed member of the committee for the period 2017-2022, representing all the cancer patients’ associations.

Executive Director Mr. Nikolas Filippou has been a member of the Organization’s Executive Committee since 2014, while since 2017 he has represented patients on the Board of Health Insurance Organization (OSH) for a five-year term.

  • Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center

The Board of Directors welcomes the President of the Association and the Executive Director

  • National eHealth Authority of Cyprus

Mr. Andreas Christodoulou is appointed member of the committee for the period 2019-2024, representing all the patients’ associations.


European Level:

European Coalition for Lung Cancer, in which the Chairman of the Audit Committee is the Chairman of the Board of Directors by PASYKAF Mr. Konstantinos Nikolaidis.

PASYKAF is one of the founding members. It participates in various action groups such as the’ patient support group’ and ‘access to medicines and smoking group’. The Executive Director  of PASYKAF has been participating on the Board of Directors since September 2017.

  • Digestive Cancers Europe

Chair of the Patients’ Committee and member of the Organization is Mrs. Dora Konstantinidou, member of PASYKAF team for the last 20 years.

Members of the Organization Mr. Andreas Christodoulou, president of the EPF Youth Group and himself responsible for PASYKAF’s IT systems.

PASYKAF participates as a member of the International Union Against Cancer.

Participation of PASYKAF as a member of the Agency and the Executive Director as a member of the Committee of the Patient Rights Group (ESMO) for the period 2017-2018.

  • EAPC, European Association for Palliative Care – PASYKAF participates as a member
  • EONS, European Oncology Nursing Society – PASYKAF participates as a member 
  • IPOS, International Psycho – Oncology Society – PASYKAF participates as a member 

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