People undergoing cancer treatments are often faced with side effects that affect their body image, self-esteem and their quality of life in general.

Some of the most common changes that cancer patients may experience are:

  • Hair loss
  • Pale skin or changes in skin colour
  • Partial or total mastectomy and lymphedema
  • Changes in appetite and weight
  • Tracheostomy/laryngectomy
  • Intestinal stoma
  • Changes in sexual functioning


The programme aims to improve the physical functioning and mental health of people with cancer, through the provision of useful information and personalised practical help on issues affecting their body image.

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Take Care of your Hair!

How to care for your Wig!

Donate your Hair!


It’s important to us that you know how your donations are being used!

The collected hair is sent to a wig manufacturing company where it is weighed and valued.

PASYKAF subsidises the loan of wigs to people with cancer with the equivalent value of the hair it sends.

The more ponytails that are collected, the more people will be able to borrow a wig during their cancer experience, which is why everyone’s participation is so important.

Together we can do much more!

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