HPV Human Papilloma Virus Elimination Program

What is HPV Human Papilloma Virus?

Human papillomavirus is so common that almost everyone, women and men, will be exposed to it during their lifetime. HPV is solely responsible for cervical cancer in women and other rarer forms of cancer in both sexes, including head and neck, penis and anal cancers.

What actions does PASYKAF take against HPV?

In 2010, PASYKAF launched the HPV Universal Eradication Program through which the association provides systematic information to the public, free Pap smear tests for women as well as free HPV vaccines to both sexes.

As part of the program in 2016, PASYKAF in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, succeeded in implementing a free vaccination program against human papillomavirus (HPV) for girls aged 12 years. In order to fully eliminate HPV, PASYKAF is working to extend the vaccination program to boys of the same age.

What does PASYKAF offer you?

As part of the HPV Human Papillomavirus Elimination Program, PASYKAF provides the following services free of charge to the public, to organized groups in all districts, communities or in workplaces:

  • Information material on HPV, prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of the cancers that it causes
  • Lectures, presentations by Doctors, Psychotherapists and other health professionals
  • Vaccines
  • PAP smear testing

For information call 77 77 19 86 or email info@pasykaf.org