PASYKAF participated in the Gatekeeper Conference Agenda in Maribor, Slovenia

May 11, 2023

In March 23-24 2023, members of the PASYKAF team visited Murska Sobota Hospital in Maribor Slovenia, for a 2-day conference as participants of the Gatekeeper Twinning Project.
This visit was organized as part of the Cyprus Pilot Gatekeeper Program.

The purpose of this visit was to inform the participating organizations about the Gatekeeper Project, its goals and benefits. The organizations who attended and participated in this conference included Alma Mater Europaea, Murska Sobota Hospital, Sentjur Home for the Elderly and the Posavje Social Work Centre. At the conference, the PASYKAF team presented its pilot program and the tools that were used which included digital devices, questionnaires and patient case studies.

PASYKAF’s goal in this conference was through its presentation to introduce the Gatekeeper Project to the 4 organizations participating so that they become familiar and comfortable with using the Gatekeeper platform, the devices used (tablets and smartwatches) and the garmin platform.
Furthermore, 1 tablet and 1 smartwatch were given to each organization as well as access to the platform created by CERTH so that they could practice using the devices, understand the platforms and its benefits and eventually include them in their daily workflow.