PASYKAF expresses its deep gratitude and warm thanks to The Breast Center of Cyprus for its valuable support of the program “I’m changing… But it’s ME”.

October 24, 2023

The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends, PASYKAF, expresses its profound gratitude and warm thanks to The Breast Center of Cyprus for the invaluable support it provides to the program “I’m changing… But it’s ME” and the wonderful event “One Woman. One Team. One Fight” held on Saturday, October 21, 2023, in the gardens of the Center. 

The response from The Breast Center of Cyprus to this significant program is a tangible support to our humanitarian vision, advocating for and empowering individuals with cancer experience and their families. 

During the event, a presentation was given by the Psychosocial Services team of PASYKAF, and a collection of hair was organized, initiated by medical student Michaela Kiteri, along with the hair donation campaign “I Participate Too by Giving a Part of Myself.” We would like to thank the Cyprus Medical Students’ Association, CyMSA, and especially the SCORA committee, for their significant contribution to this effort, as well as the participating hair salons and the volunteers who donated their hair. 

The hair collection supports the I’m changing… But it’s ME” program of PASYKAF. The collected hair is sent to a wig manufacturing company, weighed, and its value is calculated. PASYKAF, in return for the value of the hair it sends, subsidizes wig loans for individuals with cancer experience. 

As more hair is collected, more people will be able to borrow wigs during their experience. That is why the participation of everyone is so valuable and necessary.  

For us, it is essential to have individuals like you as companions on this journey.