Bladder Cancer Prevention Program


Aiming to prevent bladder cancer PASYKAF has joined forces with the Cyprus Urological Association and a team of bladder cancer patients, in May 2019. The primary goal is to reduce the incidence of bladder cancer, defend patients’ rights and improve their quality of life.

What actions does PASYKAF take?

In May 2019, at a Press Conference in the European University of Cyprus, Nicosia the Support Group of people who had experienced Bladder Cancer was announced. This announcement took place in the context of the Month of Awareness for Bladder Cancer.

At the Support Group participate people who had experienced bladder cancer, urologists – andrologists from the public and private sectors, and specialist oncologists.

PASYKAF, together with the members of the Support Group, work to identify the needs of people with bladder cancer and to identify solutions.

What does PASYKAF offer you?

PASYKAF provides the following services to the public, through organized groups in all districts, communities or professional areas free of charge:

  • Information material for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of laryngeal cancer
  • Lectures, presentations by Doctors, Psychotherapists and other health professionals
  • Services to patients and their families.

For information, call 77 77 19 86 or email


Bladder cancer does not discriminate! Prevention now!

Bladder cancer is the fourth most prevalent cancer in men and the eighth most prevalent in women, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Increasing the proportion of women who smoke also increases the incidence of this cancer in women.

Bladder cancer treatment is more successful when the disease is known in its early stages.

Bladder Cancer Information Leaflet