PASYKAF stays with you after your loss and supports you.

PASYKAF pioneered in providing support to relative groups who lost loved ones. The first pilot effort was made in Nicosia with 13 support teams by specially trained professional psychologists, who received specialized training in creating Bereavement support groups from certified Bereavement UK trainers.

Throughout the course of life, each of us experiences a plethora of losses. Mourning is a human reaction to any loss, big or small. Undoubtedly, when it comes to losing a loved one, mourning is characterized as a painful process with mixed emotions that come and go. Shock, numbness, guilt, anger, fear, pain, nostalgia, sadness, loneliness, and despair are some of these difficult feelings. The greater the loss, the greater the intensity of mourning. There are many factors that can affect the intensity and duration of mourning. The relationship with the patient, our personality, the course of the illness, and any experience of past losses appear to play an important role.

It is a personal and unique experience for each of us. An experience with many emotional changes, with good and bad days, with easy and difficult times. Emotions come in waves, sometimes they are expected, and sometimes they come suddenly.

Although the majority of individuals adjust to loss, mourning remains a painful period in one’s life. Support from a specialist on this difficult and lonely path is often lifesaving. It is a bright reboot into the lives of those left behind. In addition, coming into contact with other people who have a similar experience, under the guidance of experienced and appropriately trained psychologists can help manage the pain of loss and give hope for the future.

Monthly Meetings

If you would like to be informed and receive specialized information on issues related to human loss and your own personal experience, you can participate in the monthly meetings held at the PASYKAF premises.

Telephone Support

Call 77 77 19 86 and arrange for a personal phone call to speak with a Psychologist of Bereavement Support Service.

Psychological Individual Support

Make an appointment with a Psychologist of Support for Human Loss if you would like to share your experience and get professional guidance to better understand yourself and manage the difficult emotions that result from a significant loss.

Psychological Group Support

Part of the group support is to explore and share your personal experience of loss. The goal is to learn how to deal with grief of loss.